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How to Clean Your Teak Wood Furniture and Keep It Looking Beautiful

Teak wood furniture is elegant and attractive, but it needs a little care to keep it looking beautiful. Teak wood naturally contains oils that protect the wood from environmental damage, such as sun and water, but this protection wears off over time. To ensure that your teak wood furniture stays beautiful and healthy, you need to use an appropriate cleaner.

This article will explain how to safely clean your teak wood furniture with the right products and follow the proper options.

What wood is teak wood furniture?

What is teak wood? It’s a tropical hardwood that grows primarily in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar), Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India. It’s usually weather-resistant when used for outdoor furniture because of tight rings or growth rings.

Moreover, when used for indoor furniture, We can treat it with oil to make it resistant to water damage. Teak wood has been a go-to for fine woodworking artisans for hundreds of years because of its durability.

Why should you clean it?

To keep your teak wood furniture beautiful, you should clean it regularly. Why is that? The teak wood is oil-rich, making it highly susceptible to splintering if hit or scraped against other hard material.

Though you might love how your outdoor teak furniture looks weathered, some feel better having them protected from UV rays, dirt, and water exposure. To maintain your teak wooden furniture’s beautiful appearance and durability, here are simple tips on cleaning it properly.

What do you need?

It would be best if you had a suitable wood cleaner. Avoid cleaners with silicone as an ingredient, as that tends to make teak furniture look weathered over time. You’ll also need rags, a dusting cloth or soft brush (like an old toothbrush), a clean towel, and rubber gloves.

While you can use any household cleaner on your teak furniture, some are formulated specifically for teak. Suppose you’re cleaning more than one piece of furniture or have it outdoors.

In that case, it’s worth considering investing in a product designed specifically for cleaning teakwood.

Option 1 – Wipe With a Damp Cloth

Begin by wiping down your furniture with a damp cloth. This process is essential because it allows you to remove surface dirt and grime.

Make sure not to saturate your furniture with water, as doing so can cause damage. Wipe down each item of teak wood furniture thoroughly, but do not press too hard in any one spot.

Afterward, allow them time to dry completely before continuing with other steps in cleaning your teak wood furniture.

Option 2 – Use Kitchen Cleaner Spray

Spray a generous amount of cleaner onto a clean rag. Wipe down your furniture piece with light pressure, from top to bottom. Don’t forget about nooks and crannies; get in close with your rag.

For sticky messes, allow your teak wood furniture piece to soak in warm water mixed with two (2) tablespoons of lemon juice or white vinegar for 15 minutes before wiping it down.

Option 3 – Use the Vinegar Solution

Don’t throw away your teak furniture just yet. Use a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then spritz any areas where mold appears. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes, then wipe down with a clean cloth.

Please do not use bleach, as it can ruin your furniture. The vinegar solution is sufficient enough to kill mold on its own. So if you have a small area where mold has formed, you don’t need more than these two things!

Option 4 – Buff Dry With a Soft Cloth

Buffing your teak furniture dry with a soft cloth helps raise oils to the teak’s surface. This process helps rejuvenate, restoring some of its natural shine while removing any collected dust or dirt.

If you clean your indoor teak furniture, make sure you have plenty of light. A dull or brown finish on teak is usually not an indication of poor care; it’s how nature intended it to look!


You can clean some furniture by wiping it down with a damp cloth, but teak outdoor furniture may require special care. Over time, you might notice that your teak wood furniture is darker than when you first bought it.

This color change is from sun exposure and is not something you should worry about (although avoiding sunlight on your patio can prevent further color changes). Wipe off dust or dirt with a damp cloth, then dry thoroughly.

Clean it using dish soap mixed with warm water if your furniture gets grimy over time or during rainy weather. Rinse thoroughly afterward with cool water, then let it air-dry completely before applying oil again.