Teak and Rattan Furniture Manufacturer Indonesia

Mobelindo is a teak wood and rattan furniture manufacturer. Our location is in Jepara, Indonesia, where has been highly popular for wooden furniture made of teak wood and rattan.

With more than 10-years experience, we supply any kinds of furniture product made of teak furniture, mahogany, natural rattan, and synthetic rattan. Our focus is on producing world-class quality wooden furniture products that everyone can place outdoors and indoors.

Mobelindo supports supplying the wholesalers, B2B, hotel projects, and many more. With our experienced and skillful woodworkers, Mobelindo has been one of the best furniture companies with teak wood and rattan products sold in Indonesia and abroad. We have been exporting world-class quality wooden furniture to many countries in America, the Middle East, and Australia.

We are very concerned about product development with a design that fits the market requirements on both the styles and functions. We continually learn and improve to handle projects worldwide based on the needs.

We hope you enjoy our teak wood and rattan indoor and outdoor furniture collections. If there is any question or inquiry, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Manufacture Facility

We have two facilities, each for Solid Wood and Rattan. Both are in Jepara, Indonesia

B2B & Wholesale Distribution

We accept B2B & wholesale orders worldwide

Project & Custom Design

We are ready to discuss and create your custom furniture design

Our Teak Wood and Rattan Furniture Product

Some of our teak and rattan furniture products. If you have your own design or there is any question or inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

teak and rattan furniture

Teak & Rattan Furniture Craftmanship

We empower our workshop with the professional teams consisting of local craftsmen and skillful experts. All of the teak wood products are made based on the plans and designs fitting the market requirements.

The teams handles the projects started from choosing the best materials, production and finishing. We manage all the things from controlling the production quality, arranging the orders, packaging and shipping the furniture products.

Send Inquiry

Send your design and quantity, We will send you the quotation.

Discuss Your Project

Need furniture fulfillment for Hotel projects, restaurant projects, office projects, cafe projects? Please discuss this with us.

Production & Delivery

We offer sleek process for time and cost-efficiency.

Request for Catalogue

We provide a long-term furniture business partnership. Start the contract with us and make a bright future. We provide the best quality teak and natural rattan furniture at a reasonable and competitive price.

Sent us your inquiries, any question and new design are welcomed. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service for more information or request for catalogue.

Articles and Latest Update

More about our product update, articles and tips

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