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A Great Many Benefits of Having Teak Indoor Furniture

Have you ever thought about having teak indoor furniture to spruce your life and interior décor? There are so many different types of wood; each comes with its strength and flaws. But teak has its specialties and unique traits. It’s perfect not only for indoor usage as well as outdoor setting. So, if you are thinking about choosing teak as your indoor furniture, there are several benefits to expect.

Bring Organic and Nature Feel

Teak is one of the premium (and hard) wood that isn’t only beautiful but also flexible. It is also functional, perfect for all kinds of settings. This highly prized wood is just perfect for furniture and ships. One of the reasons why the teak is favorable is because of the natural grain and color. If you have teak furniture at home, you can rest assured that it would improve the vibe and atmosphere of the house naturally.

Long-Lasting Nature

The best teak is often made from mature trees. It usually takes around four decades for the tree to mature before being harvested. Because of its durability and strength, teak would often be reclaimed from the old buildings, harbors, and structures. It is also often reused in modern teak furniture. Make sure that you choose a suitable wood material (and a good teak outcome) if you want to have perfect teak indoor furniture.

Maintenance Free

Teak doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, so it’s basically maintenance-free. Teak is rich in natural oils, resulting in minimal moisture absorption. Because of this trait, teak is super stable and durable, and it has a high level of water resistance. Moreover, teak has a higher level of the weather-resistant property. If teak can be dried off correctly within the proper moisture level, the rubber and oil within the wood would protect and weatherproof the wood. The oil is also great for protecting the wood from mold, fungi, or dry rot. Expect the teak to last for at least seventy years in most cases.

Flexible Nature

Because of its solid nature and durability, teak is excellent for indoor and outdoor usage. It is resistant to cold and heat. Its flexible cosmetic appearance is also great when it comes to visual appearance. New teak has this naturally beautiful golden and honey glow. When exposed to rain and sun, it will turn to unique silvery gray. Whether it’s new or old (and exposed) wood, you can expect the wood to remain good-looking, even for many years to come.

Longer Lasting Effect with Sealer

Use a teak sealer to protect your furniture if you want extra protection. If you’re going to leave the wood in its natural condition, you are free to do so. But if you’re going to protect it, add a teak sealer, and you are good to go. Teak sealer is also beneficial, so you won’t have to clean the wood again and again. If you are committed enough to apply the sealer regularly, expect the furniture to last even longer in such a pristine condition.

Easy Resurface and Repaired

Teak isn’t only durable but also easily repaired. When your teak furniture has taken a lot of beating and harsh treatment, it can always easily be sanded down to bring back the original warmth and color. It gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility in treating the wood. You can own teak furniture for a prolonged time without spending extra.

Final Words

Finding high-quality teak requires extra work and effort. Some manufacturers may ‘mix’ the wood type with the others. If you want the ‘pure’ teak type, you should choose only the trusted and credible manufacturers. One of them is Mobelindo, where you can find premium and long-lasting furniture, especially for rattan and teak. So, if you are looking for reliable and high-quality teak indoor furniture, please contact us.