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Reasons and Benefits of Having Natural Rattan Furniture

Whether you want to choose natural rattan furniture for your indoor or outdoor setting, you should know that rattan furniture is durable and visually beautiful. Many homeowners use rattan furniture for their garden or the patio, but it is also functional for the dining areas, the home office, or the living room. What are the benefits that you can enjoy from the natural rattan pieces?

Understanding Rattan

This plant is native to hot tropical areas like Australia, Asia, and Africa. There are around 600 different rattan species, along with 13 different genera. Rattan is part of the palm, growing in hilly areas. Rattan is native of Vietnam, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Laos, and Cambodia. However, the biggest rattan producer globally is Indonesia, which contributes 80% of the rattan supply to the world.

Comfortable Effect

Rattan is flexible and supportive. It provides good support without being too strict or rigid. In most cases, the rattan furniture may come with pad cushions and back cushions, but the rattan is still highly comfortable even without those pads. Whether you need a comfy sofa set for the porch or a convenient lounge for the home office, rest assured that rattan can be your next interior best friend.

Weather Resistant Quality

Natural rattan furniture is highly flexible and versatile. For instance, if you have a sitting lounge from rattan, you can put this piece either outdoor or indoor. Even if you leave the piece outside exposed to different weather conditions (and elements), the rattan furniture will last. Many homeowners use rattan furniture for their porch, veranda, and garden. Some homeowners even have a protective cover that can be useful to cover up the furniture set when it’s not being used. The weather-resistant trait is helpful to make your property look visually appealing without you having to spend a fortune.

Lightweight Feature

Natural rattan is lightweight, meaning that you can move around your furniture effortlessly – and without straining your arms. It’s perfect for high activity areas, like a balcony or living room. There is no need to worry about the discolored and unappealing marks on the floor. Heavy furniture may leave them, but that’s not the case with rattan furniture. In short, the lightweight feature is likable, and it’s one of the things to like about natural rattan.

Low Maintenance

Rattan furniture doesn’t need regular or constant cleaning most of the time. If you don’t have much time, take a brush, and brush the furniture thoroughly. It will make the furniture spotless in no time. If you want to have better cleaning, mix warm water and dish soap, and use the mixture to wipe the furniture off. It will make it shiny without breaking a sweat. After you wipe the furniture, just air dry it. Make sure that the rattan dries off completely to prevent mold growth. When you wipe the furniture, do it gently. Never soak the piece, or you may be responsible for the mold growth.

Impressive Durability

Rattan grows naturally in tropical areas, mostly in harsh conditions. The vines provide great protective features against UV radiation, hot climate, and rain. You won’t have to worry about anything with proper care and maintenance.


As you can see, rattan is exceptionally durable and robust. You can expect the furniture piece to last with correct care and proper maintenance. Be sure that you only pick the trusted manufacturer to get the high-quality furniture piece. If you want to choose a reliable manufacturer or producer for your natural rattan furniture, you can visit (and then consult) by contact us.